Have you ever longed to be somewhere completely different, somewhere you don’t have the means to be? Do you miss a loved one so much that you’d do anything to live in a world where they’re still alive and interacting with you? Do you feel bound by the laws of physics, local laws, or feel debilitating fear of going out and dying in the street?

Virtual Reality might just be the answer you seek.

Experiencing VR with all your senses, indistinguishable from our reality, you can get lost in imaginary worlds, slow down or speed up time, bring back long-lost friends and lovers, get a full university experience from home, embed yourself inside a single cell, or travel the Universe without limitations.

And the best part is, this technology is coming very soon to a device near you.

We’ll get together in front of our screens and with coffee or other beverage in hand talk to other human beings that are as passionate as ourselves about finding answers.

Some subjects we’ll touch on:

  • The boundless possibilities of VR – good or bad?
  • Education, work, and play in virtual worlds
  • Is “virtual” better or worse than “physical”?
  • VR as an empathy-building tool
  • What would a world with plentiful VR look like?
  • Virtual reality – the end of human evolution?
  • Are we already in a simulation?
  • What will VR reveal about the human race?
  • Post-COVID VR – dystopia in the making?

Upon finishing the get-together, we will have reflected on the mind-blowing implications of alternate realities, both physical and virtual.