If you’re in your 30s or 40s, chances are it’s increasingly hard to buy a house, own a car, or even afford decent healthcare. While well-paying jobs with increasingly obscure titles are readily available for people with a STEM background, “real” jobs that paid for your parents’ house and provided a middle-class lifestyle 20 years ago are now few and far between.

Are jobs moving overseas to blame? Or is it automation? Either way, proponents say this can all be solved with Universal Basic Income, guaranteed government checks that should cover your basic living expenses. Critics say that’s the worst possible thing we could do, as we’ll end up poorer, lazier and at the mercy of foreign workers or Amazon robots.

Is UBI a pipe dream or an innovative policy we need to progress? Are we risking the creation of a dystopian world of directionless humans, or is the risk of not acting far greater?

We’ll get together in front of our screens and with coffee or other beverage in hand talk to other human beings that are as passionate as ourselves about finding answers.

Some subjects we’ll touch on:

  • Are jobs really disappearing?
  • Automation vs cheap labor – who’s to blame?
  • UBI – too expensive or dirt cheap?
  • A post-work society – is that possible and desirable?
  • Free to play vs pay to play – our life in the future?
  • UBI – the great equalizer or promoter of inequality?
  • And so much more!

Upon finishing the get-together, we will have shared our opinions on UBI and asked ourselves what kind of future world we would like to see.