Who are we?

We’re Ideas Exchange, a community of people passionate about sharing, learning and debating ideas with persons all around the world, founded in 2018.

Why register for the debate?

Learn more than you would in any course, video or conversation by exchanging ideas simultaneously with very diverse people connecting from Australia, the US, even Colombia, Mexico and Norway.

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Global Simultaneous Debate!

Universal Basic Income: Unreal or the Real Deal? – November 2

Limited availability!


Some subjects we’ll touch on:

  • Are jobs really disappearing?
  • Automation vs cheap labor – who’s to blame?
  • UBI – too expensive or dirt cheap?
  • A post-work society – is that possible and desirable?
  • Free to play vs pay to play – our life in the future?
  • UBI – the great equalizer or promoter of inequality?
  • And so much more!

When? Tuesday, November 2

What time? 8 PM New York/ 7 PM Chicago/ 5 PM LA

Who participates? Global minds from all over the world

How many people per group? A maximum of 9 people per debating group to maximize experience

How much? We only charge a small contribution of 4USD which covers our costs and allows us to sponsor people who wouldn’t be able to connect otherwise

First time? Drop us a line and you can participate for FREE 😊

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And if I don’t like it? No risk involved. We’ll give you a complete refund

Do I have to prepare? It’s not mandatory, but if you like there’s Food for Thought videos

How do I connect? You’ll receive a link in your email max. 24 hours after payment