Global Simultaneous Debate!

Life After COVID-19 – May 16


Limited Availability!

Some subjects we’ll touch on:

  • The new digital and resilient economy
  • Changes in social dynamics – for better or worse?
  • The politics of fear and the politics of hope
  • How do you make money in these new times?
  • A more unequal world – reality or fiction?
  • Psychological aspects of uncertainty
  • Social trust – an endangered species?
  • The main causes for optimism about the future

When? Saturday May 16

What time? 3 PM New York/ 2 PM Chicago / 12 PM LA

Who participates? Global minds from all over the world

How many people per group? A maximum of 9 people per debating group to maximize experience

How much? We only charge a small contribution of 4USD

And if I don’t like it? No risk involved. We’ll give you a complete refund

Do I have to prepare? It’s not mandatory, but if you like there’s Food for Thought videos

How do I connect? You’ll receive a link in your email max. 24 hours after payment