Where were the clothes you’re wearing made, and how about the cell phone or computer you’re reading this from? Many of the products we consume are made in China. Many of us don’t even realize. In our generation we have seen this country grow and slowly become a trading and economic powerhouse, whose factories create products for the entire world and, to some extent, we have come to depend on China, its cheap labor force which has allowed us to have technology, fashion articles and consumption products as never before in the past.

We have also been witness to the scandals that surround China: the lack of informati9on transparency, social hyper-surveillance, espionage, racial segregation, COVID-19 and the destruction of the autonomy and the rule of law in Hong Kong, to name but a few. While the People’s Republic of China grows in stature, becomes the world’s largest economy and a leader in various strategic sectors, we will ask ourselves:

How should we relate to its presence in the world?

We’ll get together in front of our screens and with coffee or other beverage in hand talk to other human beings that are as passionate as ourselves about finding answers.

Some subjects we’ll touch on:

  • The ethics of doing business in China
  • The social, political, and environmental impact of buying so many products made in China
  • Is China the next great power?
  • Does the world need China or does China need the world?
  • Can we maintain our lifestyle without Chinese manufacturing?
  • China vs democracy and human rights?

Upon finishing the get-together, we will have listened to divers points of view and reflected in our personal relationships with this simultaneously wonderful and mysterious country.