Life After COVID-19

Some subjects we’ll touch on:
• The new digital and resilient economy
• Changes in social dynamics – for better or worse?
• The politics of fear and the politics of hope
• How do you make money in these new times?
• A more unequal world – reality or fiction?
• Psychological aspects of uncertainty
• Social trust – an endangered species?
• The main causes for optimism about the future


Abortion: My Body? My Choice?

Some subjects we’ll touch on:
• Decisions about abortion – an ethical or social issue?
• When does a human life start?
• Who has more rights – women or fetuses?
• Does the number of abortions decrease with legalization?
• Which society is preferable – conservative or liberal?
● And so much more!

Human Rights: Community vs. Individual?

Some subjects we’ll touch on:
• Human rights – unnecessary or fundamental?
• Latin America – laws and rights not being applied?
• Government, NGOs and civil society
• The individual or community – who should take precedence?
• Alternatives to the liberal vision: China, Russia, and the others
• And so much more!