Your Religion, Your Identity

Some subjects we’ll touch on:
• Why do some people define themselves nearly exclusively by their religion?
• Why are there people who say they belong to a religion, but they never practice it?
• Why do most people need certainty in their life?
• Why do we think we have the right to impose our religion on others?
• Why are there (nearly) no religions where women play the dominant role?
• Why have monopolistic religions been more successful than those that celebrate diversity?
• Will religion be relevant in the future?
• Religion – a force for good or evil?

Gun Control: Bright or Blight?

Some subjects we’ll touch on:
• Gun regulations – what are they like where you live?
• When is it appropriate to use a firearm?
• What are the different kinds of firearms?
• Firearms and self-defense
• The causes of gun violence
• Is gun ownership an inalienable right?
• Other uses for firearms