The Future of Money – Dollar, Bitcoin and the Others

Some subjects we’ll touch on:
• Why do we need money in the world?
• What would the perfect currency look like?
• Cryptocurrencies – the future or a false promise?
• The state – oppressive or stabilising?
• The dollar, its pros and cons as a global currency
• Cash – facing extinction?
• Financial inclusion and democratisation – up to what point?
• Privacy in the times of blockchain

Work in the Times of Uber

Some subjects we’ll touch on:
• Why am I paid the amount of money I get?
• Will I earn more or less in the future?
• Which jobs will disappear and which will survive?
• Income taxes – how should they be applied?
• Universal basic income – wishful thinking or a necessity?
• What type of economy do we want for our future?


Climate Change: The Phantom Menace

Some subjects we’ll touch on:
• Climate change – why is there so much controversy?
• Prosperity – the main cause or a scapegoat?
• Who wins and who loses with climate change?
• Technology – our salvation?
• How can we protect future generations from our lack of responsibility?
• Global politics – the road to perdition?
• Villains, saints, and warriors – climate change activism

Modern Migration: Violence, Technology, and Racism

Some subjects we’ll touch on:
• Migration as a globalized process
• Migrant caravans and what they tell us about modern migration
• Why do people migrate?
• Violence towards immigrants (racism and legal discrimination)
• New technologies as a defense from migratory violence
• The criminalization of migrants
• The risks and advantages of undocumented migration
• And so much more!