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What kind of planet will we leave to our children? Will it even be habitable? These are the questions that have concerned scientists and activists for at least half a century, but we’re not even close to solving the problem. Interestingly, among the general population, the attitude one takes towards the issue is greatly determined by political leanings, rather than a holistic reading of the facts.

The paradox of the climate change phenomenon goes even further – it is a direct result of growing world prosperity, something that is unprecedented. In other words, something very good is causing something very bad. Nor are we helped by the delayed chronology of the effects – we are enjoying the fruits of an abundant life today and we won’t be the ones that will pay the bill for warming the planet.

And finally there is the inequality of suffering the consequences. While many countries will completely disappear and many coastal cities will be flooded, others will perceive the phenomenon as a minor irritant or a good subject to show off their “social consciousness”.

In such a divided world with opposing incentives, how can we coordinate at the global level and fight off the phantom menace of a problem that is still not being treated with much urgency?

We’ll get together in front of our screens and with coffee or other beverage in hand talk to other human beings that are as passionate as ourselves about finding answers.

Some subjects we’ll touch on:

  • Climate change – why is there so much controversy?
  • Prosperity – the main cause or a scapegoat?
  • Who wins and who loses with climate change?
  • Technology – our salvation?
  • How can we protect future generations from our lack of responsibility?
  • Global politics – the road to perdition?
  • Villains, saints, and warriors – climate change activism

Upon finishing the get-together, we will have shared our perspectives on the challenges facing our planet and the solutions to make the world a good place to live.