About Us

We’re an online debate club for people who are interested in fascinating and profound issues, people searching for real human connection and fed up with the superficial nature of modern life.

About Ideas Exchange

It all started with a local community passionate about debating ideas, which had been getting together face to face since 2018 in Mexico City. When the pandemic started, the community went virtual and global, taking in participants from various continents.

Nowadays we get together every week with a new topic and exchange ideas with people from various countries and cultures, enriching our perspectives in a safe, inclusive, and respectful space which generates learning and growth as no other.


" I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It




Human, originally from Poland but currently loving the vibes of Mexico City, Jan works by day in the fascinating world of translations and linguistic services, while at night he develops his great passion for debating and exchanging ideas. In his past lives, Jan has been a university professor, leadership consultant, and founder of a think tank focused on processes of economic change. When not working, Jan loves exploring the world with a backpack and shoestring budget. Lives (most of the year) in Mexico City with his feline children.



Philosophy professor in a federal prison in Mexico City and founder of 3D Education, an educational program nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021. Passionate about exchanging ideas, Juan Pablo studied Business Management, has an MA in International Politics and has a pilot’s license. He used to live in a Buddhist monastery where he strengthened his love for debating. JP has worked and studied in 7 countries.




A carbon-based being in the process of oxidization. Ecologist, biologist, and future economist. Greatly passionate about the environment, travelling Mexico, camping, volunteering, getting to know new people, and continuous learning. Currently a researcher in a zoological conservation project. Firmly believes that these debates are a change agent, creating a better world.



Young entrepreneur passionate about creating technology and martial arts. Obsessed with lifelong learning and getting to know various points of view by ideas exchange.