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Join our global community of minds and share with people in different countries and from all backgrounds thorough our weekly online debates. Imagine debating with people in 10 different countries at the same time… How awesome is that?

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Globalizing Ideas​!

This is a safe, inclusive and respectful space designed to talk to other humans, learn from one another and implement our ideas, in all relevant aspects of life.

We will discuss both “big” and “small” ideas, talking about the past, present, and future, the ideal world and our everyday reality.

Each Meetup will have a main focus subject, with a wide margin to explore other interesting topics.

Our main rule:

“I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

“Very interesting space where I was able to participate in all kinds of passionate conversations”


“Being part of this community of people who exchange ideas and maintain open dialogue between themselves has been a great experience for me”


“I was looking for great debates, and I also found great people”


Inspiring IdeasCreating ConnectionsGrowing Together

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You will find a community of people who are passionate about learning, connecting and growing together.

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